What Are Winter Work Gloves: 7 Outstanding Features

24 Mar, 2022

By hqt

Winter Work Gloves
Winter Work Gloves

What are Latex Gloves?

Latex gloves are gloves made of natural rubber. The characteristic color is ivory white. You can completely distinguish them from other gloves. It is widely used in the medical service industry and industry.

Latex Gloves: Outstanding features

Designed with tight gloves, the wrist part has a rim to prevent slipping from the hand to make working more convenient.

  • Fits like a second skin
  • Highly sensitive to touch
  • Outstanding typical elasticity and stretch ability.
  • High puncture resistance will protect your hands optimally.
  • Works well in cases of high risks associated with infectious materials
  • Powdered latex Winter work gloves make it convenient to put on hands
  • Biodegradable ability to protect nature and the environment.

The main reason people choose a repair alternative to latex is because many people are allergic to latex. When allergies are not a concern, latex gloves have a slight advantage in terms of freedom and dexterity over nitrile gloves.

What are Nitrile Gloves?

Nitrile gloves are synthetic solid rubber but still have some natural solid rubber properties. What's unique about these gloves is that they don't have any latex proteins. This is an ideal alternative for those with latex allergies.

Winter work gloves: Outstanding features

  • No natural solid rubber
  • Usually blue, black (because it made from synthetic rubber material, so it can easily replace.
  • Puncture resistance, long-term use.
  • High performance relative to infectious materials
  • Can resist chemicals
  • Longer shelf life

What are vinyl gloves?

Vinyl is not a naturally occurring substance, but a synthetic self-made material. It is a plastic from ethylene (found in crude oil) and chlorine (found in common salt). When used, the two combines to form Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), or as it commonly callsVinyl.

Outstanding Features:

  • No solid latex
  • Comfortable to wear, not tight on the hand
  • Has anti-static properties
  • Good for short-term use, low risk of regret.
  • Low cost

Winter Work Gloves 2022 

Protective Winter work gloves and protective wool gloves

Share knowledge about how many types of protective rubber gloves and protective woolen gloves are, the materials they are made, the quality standards and work applications, and the prices.

First of all, we need to know what are protective rubber gloves and what are protective wool gloves?

What are protective rubber gloves?

Protective rubber gloves are gloves made of rubber including 100% natural rubber and synthetic rubber, to ensure safety for workers' hands. Protective rubber gloves have many types such as household gloves, industrial gloves and nitrile rubber gloves, latex rubber gloves.

Household gloves and industrial winter work gloves we shared in the previous post, please see: Household gloves and industrial gloves

Nitrile rubber gloves made from synthetic rubber have good water and oil resistance, so they widely use in clean rooms such as anti-static used in electronics, in laboratories.

Latex gloves, the main ingredient is natural rubber, which widely use in the medical, cosmetic and medical industries because of its high hygiene and safety factors.

Properties Latex gloves are extremely durable and provide an excellent barrier against most chemical solutions. Latex winter work gloves in the form of powder-free or powdered materials, with powdered price will be cheaper than without powder.

What are wool safety gloves?

Protective wool gloves are gloves made from wool yarn that are machine woven depending on the number of grams and needles that have different weights, for example: 40g woolen gloves - 7 needles, 40g woolen gloves - 10 needles, wool gloves 50g - needle 7, wool gloves 60g - needle 7, wool gloves 70g - needle 7.

Wool safety gloves help reduce friction and smoothness when working, use in normal jobs such as construction, gardening, janitors. The price of woolen winter work gloves is also very cheap and sold in many places. Easy to find and buy.

In addition, rubber-coated wool gloves are also known as rubber-coated gloves, the purpose of rubber coating is to be easier to hold, quieter, and more expensive.

Rubber coated wool gloves

Both types of protective rubber gloves and safety wool gloves belong to the product line of work gloves, so the purpose of ensuring the safety of workers' hands, each type has quality standards. private.

Above are the knowledge sharing about protective rubber gloves and protective woolen gloves, thank you for your interest!

What are Winter work gloves?

Labor protection gloves are gloves used to protect workers' hands against potentially hazardous working environments (detergent chemicals, glue chemicals, cutters, heat paste) optical, burns, electromagnetic.

Protective gloves manufacture from many different specialized materials such as: fabric, rubber, leather, polyester fiber, Kevlar fabric... depending on the working environment that meets the requirements. with suitable gloves.

Labor protection gloves include cloth/fiber/cotton gloves, Latex protective gloves, Medical gloves, PU/Nitrile coated work gloves, Anti-vibration protective gloves, Anti-vibration protective gloves Cutting, Chemical Protective Gloves, Heat Resistant Gloves, Antistatic Gloves, Insulating Gloves, Arc Resistant Gloves

Protective winter work gloves not only protect the user's hands, but also use for the purpose of ensuring hygiene in work such as the electronics industry. Food hygiene and safety such as food processing industry, medical.

Protective gloves are very important, so make sure that workers fully equip with knowledge about protective gloves, to protect their hands against potentially dangerous working environments.

Medical gloves ensure safety during work

Medical gloves made mainly of natural rubber or synthetic rubber to ensure safety during work. This is a popular line of protective gloves use in medical and professions such as tattooing, imaging, aesthetics, especially surgery. The most commonly medical winter work gloves are nitrile gloves and latex gloves.

The material is also cotton or rubber, Polyester fiber with a layer of PU or Nitrile to increase grip and friction to support more effective work.

Cotton protective gloves

Made of cotton, the fabric/wool helps reduce friction and reduces injury used to protect workers' hands in normal working environments. For increased grip and comfort, less injury than palm or finger rubber coated protective gloves.